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HACCP,전통식품인증,충북우수농특산품,LOHAS인증,GAP인증등의 주요인증으로 더 인정받는 기업을만들었습니다.

Safe sanitary facilities

iikim equpped with a large-scale manufacturing Facility in clean area, specializes in kimchi production

Thorough hygiene management

Before and after working, with strict sanitary procedure, we use state-of-the-art sanitary facilities.
Becaue it is our food, we make it with an extra care

Strict sanitary inspection

Thorough quality control from the inspection of the raw materials to external packing

Systematic production

With the most recent large-scale production facilities, we make it  in a traditional manufacturing methods and  through systematic process control

Mat kimchi(iikim Boeun factory)

Pogi kimchi(iikim samsueng factory)

Strict quality control

From warehousing of the raw material  to release of the product, we implement strict quality control procesure


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